Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert
"Queen of Romantic Suspense"
September 1, 1906- January 18, 1993
Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert
"Never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience."
- Victoria Holt

Even ten years after her death, Jean Plaidy has an enormous fan base, and now that some of her books are back in print, it appears to be growing.  More than fifty-six million copies of Victoria Holt novels have been sold worldwide, and there are more than fourteen million copies of Jean Plaidy and more than three million copies of Philippa Carr stories in print.
After searching the web endlessly looking for information about her, I have decided to build my own site to share what I have learned with others who would like to know the same things.  I have gathered information about her book titles, and the people she wrote about.  I have tried to include pictures of both books and characters to help you in your reading and your collecting.  Almost all the book descriptions are taken directly from copies of her books, and I have tried to do the best I could with the books I don't have.  If there is anything that needs to be changed or added to my site, feel free to let me know.  I would like it to be as accurate as possible.

**Updated November 12, 2009**

            Jean Plaidy Books  in Print in North America                

The Lady in the Tower June/03
Rose Without a Thorn June/03
Mary, Queen of France Oct/03
Thistle and the Rose Jan/04
Queen of this Realm May/04
In the Shadow of the Crown May/04
Royal Road to Fotheringhay Nov/04    
Katherine of Aragon Feb/05
The Sixth Wife Feb/05
Victoria Victorious May/05
The Loves of Charles II Oct/05
Murder Most Royal Jan/06
The Courts of Love May/06
The Captive Queen of Scots Nov/06
The Queen's Secret Apr/07
The Reluctant Queen Aug/07
Loyal In Love (Myself My Enemy) Oct/07
The Merry Monarch's Wife (The Pleasures of Love) Jan/08
The Queen's Devotion (William's Wife) Aug/08
To Hold the Crown (Uneasy Lies the Head) Oct/08
The King's Confidente Apr/09
For a Queen's Love Mar/10
A Favorite of the Queen Mar/10
The Murder in the Tower Jul/10

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