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Stuart Series
Mary Stuart Series
Royal Road to Fotheringay
Royal Road to Fotheringhay Vol. 1
September 1966 Robert Hale
The absorbing and tragic story of Mary Stuart, Queen of France, Scotland and the isles.
A Queen in her cradle, she grew up in the court of Henry II of France and married the Dauphin, only to be forced after his death to return to her native Scotland, and a fateful meeting with the bold and lustful adventurer, Bothwell.
Mary, Queen of Scots -- a generous, desirable woman, betrayed by her own passions to become Mary -- the captive.

Captive Queen of Scots
Captive Queen of Scots Vol. 2
1963 Robert Hale
Mary Queen of Scots' beauty and daring captured the hearts of men - and challenged the cruel power of her most dangerous rival, Elizabeth, Queen of England.
From the moment of Mary's imprisonment at Lochleven to the final terrifying adventure, the story blazes with all the color, intrigue, and pageantry of  16th-century England.  And always at the center is Mary herself, warm, generous, impetuous, sensual...a woman fighting with head and heart against the savage conspiracy designed to destroy her.

  James I

Murder in the Tower
1964 Robert Hale
The beautiful Frances, Countess of Essex, would let nothing stand in the way of her desires.
And now she desired the handsome Robert Carr, favorite of the doting King James I.  Not letting her own marriage deter her, Frances pursues the young friend of kings and poets, and when her advances are met with cold disdain, she aligns herself with the world of spell-makers and poisoners.  If her own natural charms cannot win her love (and rid her of an unwanted husband) then she will not scorn to seek her wishes from the dark underworld of the supernatural.
All the kingdom and heaven itself would not withstand her wiles.

  Charles II Trilogy

Wandering Prince
Wandering Prince Vol. 1
December 1956 Robert Hale
Charles II, the most fascinating rake in England's history.  The story of the years he spent in exile as a young man is seen through the eyes of two women.
Charles' sister Minette and his mistress Lucy Walter are brought vividly to life in this enthralling story of romance, escape and the youth of a king for whom love always came first.

Health Unto His Majesty Vol. 2
1956 Robert Hale
Charles II's return to the throne meant restoration of all the gaiety that had been suppressed during the previous years.
The King's fiery mistress Barbara Palmer could twist him around her little finger.  He could refuse her nothing, even if it meant hurting his new wife, the naive and loving Catherine of Braganza.  The jealousies, intrigues and loves at the court of the 'Merry Monarch' are seen from the viewpoint of both women - the wicked and the wronged.  Both, in their different ways, loved him dearly.

Here Lies our Sovereign Lord Vol. 3
1957 Robert Hale
Charles II, determined his people shall know peace and religious freedom, intrigues with Louis XIV for the money that will keep him independent of Parliament and dispel the shadows cast over the throne by his son Monmouth and his own brother, the Duke of York.
When politics tire the Merry Monarch, there are always women ready to please him, and the King's passionate nature finds full rein in pretty, witty Nell Gwyn; the babyish good looks of Louise de Keroualle; and the languid beauty of violet-eyed Hortense Mancini...

Charles II
Charles II Vol. 1,2,3
The one volume version of The Wandering Prince, A Health Unto His Majesty, and Here Lies our Sovereign Lord.

  Stuart Series

Three Crowns Vol. 1
1965 Robert Hale
Born leader and brilliant soldier, William of Orange thought the English court a hotbed of vice and conspiracy -- Charles II with his mistresses, the Dukes of Monmouth and York ambitious for the throne.
William wanted no reluctant bride, but the three crowns of England, Scotland and Ireland were worth a little sacrifice.  He would marry the fifteen-year-old Mary, bring her back to Holland, and teach her who was master...
All England rejoiced.  Only Mary wept.  She knew married people were rarely happy...

Haunted Sisters Vol. 2
January 1966 Robert Hale
Betrayed by his friends and Forsaken by the daughters he so loved, James II made a perilous escape to France.  
Mary could not forgive him for the death of gallant Monmouth. All her love now centered on William, her husband, the new King of England.
Anne disliked Mary, hated William and coveted the crown.  Her ambitions were encouraged by the audacious Sarah Churchill who sought power as her     soldier husband sought glory.  The memory of the 'King Across The Water' was to haunt them all...

Queen's Favorites
Queen's Favorites Vol. 3
November 1979 Robert Hale
William was dying and Anne, soon to be Queen, was dominated by Sarah Churchill, who believed that she, with her husband Marlborough, could rule the Queen - and England too.
Sarah was flamboyant, frank, impetuous and determined to have her way; her beauty and vitality had enslaved Marlborough and the Queen, and she believed herself to be invincible - as she was until she introduced the plain and meek Abigail Hill into the royal bedchamber as a humble chambermaid.
These two women were the Queen's favorites and between them they had a great influence on the rise and the fall of governments.
The scene is set at the beginning of the eighteenth century - one of the most brilliant in English history when, at home, men of literary stature - Swift, Defoe, Addison, Steel, Congreve - frequented the coffee houses and taverns and sold their talents to Whig and Tory; and, abroad, Marlborough was winning the Battles of Blenheim, Ramillies, Oudenarde and Malplaquet.
The important question of the day was the Succession.  The Queen was childless; she was the victim of gout, dropsy and her conscience; and while some looked to St. Germains others turned to Hanover.
Intrigue flourished and the conflict circled round the favorites: Sarah, battering her way through life, quarreling with everyone, including her own family, rushing into disaster; and Abigail, working in the shadows, secretly admitting Robert Harley to the Queen's intimate green closet, frustrated by the emotions aroused by the man to whom she first brought power and then helped to ruin.  And shining through the dark intrigue is the love of Marlborough for Sarah, and hers for him - bold, passionate and indestructible.

Last of the Stuarts
Last of the Stuarts Vol. 1,2,3
August 4, 1977 Robert Hale
The one volume version of The Three Crowns, The Haunted Sisters, and The Queen's Favorites.

Mary Queen of Scots        James I            Charles I        Charles II    

James II        William III        Mary II            Anne

James IV of Scotland married Margaret Tudor (Daughter of Henry VII, sister to Henry VIII)
They had James V of Scotland

James V of Scotland married Mary of Guise (second wife)
They had two sons; James and Arthur, and one daughter; Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots married 2) Henry Stuart (Lord Darnley)
They had one son; James I of England, VI of Scotland

James I married Anne of Denmark
They had three sons; Henry, Charles I and Robert, and four daughters; Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary and Sophia

Charles I married Henrietta Maria
They had four sons; Charles, Charles II, James II and Henry, and five daughters; Mary, Elizabeth, Anne, Katherine and Henrietta

Charles II married Katherine of Braganza
no children

James II married Anne Hyde
They had four sons; Charles, James, Charles and Edgar, and four daughters; Mary II, Anne, Henrietta, and Katherine

Mary II married William III of Orange
no children

Anne married George Oldenburg
of her 18 children, none survived to adulthood